How to super charge your Brain with YOGA

How to do Superbrain Yoga?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Yoga gives SPIRITUAL and MENTAL peace.


Yoga simply improves the quality of life.

Well, you can dramatically improve your mental health by adding one simple exercise to your life.

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you what exercises are… and exactly how you can do it regularly.

Superbrain yoga is one of the oldest and widely uses method for improving brain power.

It is the therapy for the people with poor memory, less concentration and emotionally disturbed.

As you sat down and got up several times, blood circulation was improved stimulating better concentration and memory power.

By crossing the hand across the chest and holding alternative lobes there were fine coordination between the right and the left side of the brain.

By pressurizing the points on the ear lobes brain cells were stimulated thus decreasing learning disabilities in weak students.

Essentially it’s a mental physics exercise, it’s good for the energetic and spiritual body building.

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It helps sharpen the mind and the focus by oxygenating and energizing the brain and the nervous system.

It benefits, when you’re squatting, grounding, abdominal

The research and studies shows that, it is extremely beneficial for autistic people, teens and adults with ADD/ADHD problems.

It is super easy exercise which involves 3 minutes of your time.

Many people ask for superbrain yoga technique,


The first two part are basic techniques and rest of the steps is optional.

For optimal result, follow the complete process.

SuperBrain Yoga Steps:

The superbrain yoga does not involve any complicated body exercise.

It is simply doing ups and downs with holding your ears and breathes.

This exercise is effective while standing straight and facing the sun direction, Superbrain Yoga is recommended to do in the mooring time.

Step 1:

Open your legs a little bit with establishing the belly breathing grab your right earlobe with your left thumb and grab your left earlobe with your right thumb and start breathing.

Step 2:

Inhale while going downwards and exhaling up as many times as you want, try to inhale through nose.

This exercise is going to balance both of your brain atmospheres and bringing balance in your life. Watch the animated GIF (Video)

superbrain yoga research

Credit: Janine Fafard(Youtube)

Step 3:

The next step is to do tapping under the eyes with belly breathing, which results in calming. Exhaling through mouth will help you relax more.

Step 4:

In this step you tap underneath the clavicle and it gives you much more clarity, vitality and security.

Step 5:

Tap over your thymus gland to lift up your immune system, even if you were tapping only there once in a while it will work.

Step 6:

Now tap under the breast, which will helps free jealousy, impatience and depression. It’s one of the best places to tap.

Step 7:

Tapping under your armpits, it promotes self-esteem, self-confidence and relaxation.

Step 8:

Hooking up to major points between your eyebrows and the bellybutton it’s called the hook-up.

Step 9:

The next step is crown pole, it clears headache, make space for energy to you simply put your fingers along the meridian line (top line) and as if you’re splitting open your skull.

Step 10:

In this step, do a cross over shoulder pole. You can do it a few times as many times as you want. It brought clarity in your mind it helps get well if you’re sick.

Step 11:

The next involves your leg, doing a military walk with touching your knees, which helps in focusing your mind.

Step 12:

In this step we’re going to do a sitting posture that is called the Wayne cook posture.

Do a criss-crossing with your arms with hands and take a deep breath, it will help you in focusing your mind and thinking more clearly and have a better perspective on any problems that you may face.

Do this step when you are highly stressed.

Here to finish by joining two thumbs with the tip of the last two fingers. It’s called parana mudra which charge your batteries.

Image Credit: Janine Fafard(Youtube)

How SuperBrain Yoga Works?


Our brain has 4 different waves which Synchronized during this exercise, which results in RELAXATION and relief. These are

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Theta
  • Delta

Alpha Waves:

It occur at a frequency of 8 to 15, it associates with resting state of the brain and happen usually at a closed eyes.

Beta Waves: 

It occurs at a frequency of 14 to 40 HZ, It link with critical/logical thinking and conscious walking.

Theta Waves:

It found at a frequency of 3.5 to 9 HZ, It is connected with the deep meditation during dreaming.

Delta Waves:

Frequency of 0.5 to 4, it associates with a deep sleep without dreams.

Methods to Study brain Function:

Doctors use many different mythologies to understand brain functions, some of the most popular methods used are:

  • Positron Emission Tomography called as PET Scan
  • Computerized Tomography called as CT Scan
  • Electro-encephalogram also known as EGG
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging also known as MRI
  • X- Radiation or X-Rays

Super Brain Yoga Benefits :

There are tons of benefits, some of them are

  • Spiritual Peace
  • Proper Growth of the brain
  • Increase Sex time
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Psychological Growth

SuperBrain Yoga for Autism

Autism is a physical and mental disorder among children’s,

A lot of people talk about Autism, but not everyone understands what it is. Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, affects people communicate with and relate to others.

This isn’t the same as being shy or not knowing what to say.

Most people with autism don’t understand some of the basic social conventions that other take for granted.

They might have trouble making eye contact, holding a conversation, or recognizing gestures.


Over one-third of people with ASD are nonverbal, meaning they don’t use speech.

Along with communication issues, people with autism often like to follow certain patterns or repeated behaviors.

Many have sensitivity to bright light or loud noises, and other has physical problems,

Like trouble walking or picking up small objects.

Some have intellectual disabilities, but about half have average or above average IQs.

It’s also common for people with autism to have a great long-term memory for certain details, and many excel in math, science, music or art.

With such a wide variety of symptoms, no two people with ASD are alike.

The behavior vary so much that they used to be classified as different disorders.

Different case studies show that practicing Superbrain regularly for three weeks makes a remarkable change

A study conducted by the doctor Raina Koterba among the teens with different neurological disorders.

A young teen of 7 years attending a special medication sessions, he is quite sensitive and aggressive.

He is continuously changing behavior and can’t sit properly for more than 5 minutes. His parents are frustrated from his habits.

The Doctor Raina suggest superbrain yoga to their parent, and within few week he start sleeping well, more calmer and sitting for 45 minutes..

His parents can’t believe this, so they stop this exercise for couple of days.


He starts reverting back to his old habit.


  • Does Super brain yoga works?

Yes, It does work. It activates the energy in center of brain.

  • How many times per day?

It is recommend to do a cycle of 14 sets at one time.

  • Is superbrain yoga hoax?

No, its not a hoax. It is traditional Indian exercise originally propose by Master Choa Kok Sui. Also known as dhorgahkaranam.

  • Best time to do?

Morning is considered as the best time.

How to super charge your Brain with YOGA
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How to super charge your Brain with YOGA
The superbrain yoga does not involve any complicated body exercise. It is simply doing ups and downs with holding your ears and breathes.
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